Now is the time for Getting Your Web Host Service

Thinking of starting an online business?

If you are then you will need a few things before you an start.

You need to research your domain name. Don’t know what a domain name is?

A domain name is the title of your website that you wish to start. For example – my business name is Sista Assist and whne I wanted to buy my domain name I went to

New Domains – 30% off at GoDaddy! GoDaddy is one of the largest online web hosting services and they have this great search bar that you can use to search for new domains.

hosting services on the internet

In this bar you put the name of your domain you are searching for and it will tell you if it is available or not. Really simple…

$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

GoDaddy has web hosting and it is FREE your first domain with them when you buy hosting at the same time.

WHY GoDaddy because this web host service operates in all different countries and has one of the best support services that you will need, especially if you are a beginner.

I have my hosting with GoDaddy. They have been really great and for beginner starting out its good to start with something that is affordable and can grow down the track.

When purchasing GoDaddy hosting you get your domain name FREE.

So once you have search your domain name or website title and it is available then if you are going to get the hosting buy that first and get your first title or domain FREE
1 month FREE trial of GoDaddy Website Builder!

Best of luck with your adventure and I look forward to hearing how you have gone.

Please leave us a comment and tell us about your experience in getting hosting for the first time.

Tip: When you buy your hosting for the first time with any web host service they will try to upsell a lot of unimportant and unnecessary addons. DON’T BUY any ADDONS.

You will not need them….

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